Too Tide | 2019

In a country like the Netherlands, water is a big part of it's existence.

Too Tide is a project that focuses on a daily change around us, water tide. Water tide is the change of ebb and flow in the water which is a reaction to the position and attraction of the moon and sun towards earth.


In 'Too Tide', I want to show the beauty of this rhythm by translating the data into a visual image. In the book Too Tide the translation of all data has been made into something visual that also excists of data, colour. In this way the reader can experience the change of water in a different way through interaction.


Every month consists of a different combination of colours. A sample card is added before each month. With the sample card the reader can read the data of the waterlevel of each month through colour. The book could also be used in the future for other cities for years. In this way the water tide is not only used by the water transport industry, but is also understandable for us as Dutch people.


Four months of the book Too Tide